About Us

inGenius Africa is a media organisation committed to works of excellence and ingenuity. Our progenitors have been involved in some of the best media work ever done in Ghana.

We have been involved in world class TV productions like Ultimate Paradise, Taxi Driver, No.5 Kotokuraba Street, Sun City, Trek and Investment Digest, just to name a few.

We have competencies in the creation and development of all genres of TV and Film production. We also do airtime purchasing, acquisition and distribution of content, hiring of TV and Film equipment.  ingenius africa is a pioneer in crew and cast brokerage.

On the internet front, we utilise new technologies to raise the awareness of Ghanaian businesses to the benefits to be gained by being present on the internet. Additionally, we open up worldwide markets to the Ghanaian entrepreneur by marketing on the internet and developing innovative websites and online applications.

Our internet team have worked in various communications and internet technology firms in Europe and Africa. They bring with them years of experience and expertise in the field of internet development and marketing.

Our product palette consists of custom made as well as pre designed internet solutions with a varied price structure appealing to all sectors of the market. We develop customised solutions like database driven sites, e-commerce solutions, media streaming, discussion forums, etc.

Our hallmark is the employment of high caliber personnel and state of the art equipment.