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Sun city

sun city


Sun city is a situation comedy set in a fictional University in the gold endowed country of Sikaman.
Imagine a typical University with a multiethnic or even global student population.
Imagine the diverse characters that can be found on Campus –
The Self-Conceited Matured Student, The Pouting Prima Donnas 
The Skirt-Chasing Playboys,               The Jesus-Preaching Scripture Unionist…
The Hard-Learning Semi-Recluse,      The Political Activist
The Know-All Gossip,                        The Comical ‘Exte’ (i.e. Off-Campus Girlfriend/Sugar Daddy)
…The relationships possible between them and the conflicts, amusement and shocks as well as learning that could possibly result from their interactions.

Imagine the peculiar ambitions, dispositions and experiences of Lecturers found on this Campus, their own families, the Supporting Staff (Administrators, Porters, Hangers- on …) and also the society at large and how this regulates the rhythm of life on campus.
Imagine a University Campus with a classic architecture, and all the drama that can occur within the shared spaces - Halls of Residence, Faculties of Learning, Sports Facilities, Commercial Areas, Shopping Malls (plus Hawkers etc), Hospitality centers etc.
Experience the Satire, Comedy and/or Tragedy enacted in countless daily scenarios in the lives of these people whose collective experience  gives SUNCITY UNIVERSITY its distinct character and accounts ultimately for their ‘Higher Learning’ the unifying purpose of all on campus.


1. shaka bwalya (actor- Nana Yaw Saah Aboagye)
Part-Zambian and part-Ghanaian. His exiled Zambian father resettled his family in Ghana for political refuge, and must be the inspiration for Shaka’s patriotic streak. Shaka, though young then, remembers the human rights abuses meted out to his father by his former government cronies and has remained sensitive to injustice, and aspires to politics.

Shaka is a third year statistics major and a member of a happy-go-lucky clique referred to as “The Boys”. He is very well read and thus is tempted to intellectual fraud every now and then, justifying his naughty actions with sophistry. He enjoys giving quotes from an array of writers at the least opportunity. A very calculating individual, he is not to be toyed with. He also has a streak of ruthlessness in him.

Shaka’s independent mindedness often puts him at odds with some of the lecturers especially the dictatorial Professor Tetteh.

2. marlon (Actor- Alexander Akrashie)
Son of an architect and a teacher, he has a laissez-faire attitude to life. The butt of jokes on campus, (a result of a backfired attempt to date Esinam) he used to be quite lazy, with trailing grades that made him repeat, but now he gets to mingle with some of the hottest babes on campus-courtesy his talent as a hip-life rapper.

3. martin (Actor- Micheal Asare)
A statistics major, he is Kwadjo Amponsah’s roommate and almost always at odds with him. Kwadjo is convinced that he lacks direction and Martin has the impression that Kwadjo is a hypocrite, especially about his ‘Chrifeism’, since he has a trendy ‘girlfriend’ - Tsotsoo.

Martin is a proud member of “The Boys’, and determined to become the most popular person amongst them. As such he tows the line of popular opinion, especially that which demands action, excitement and daring. He enjoys socializing more than academic work, thus finds exams period stressful. He has been known to employ underhand methods to get through exams. 

4. kwadwo amponsah (Actor- Prince Mudashiru-Olani )
A medical student who hails from Anum Boso in the Eastern Region. His father is a cocoa farmer of the area, and has a family of 12 with three women. His integrity is good but sharing with numerous siblings makes him prone to using ingenious tactics to getting by on the limited resources he takes to school.

By dint of hard work he has been able to break from the impending cycle of poverty due to his academic brilliance; His half brothers and sisters are spread from Accra to Anum in various menial job capacities.

Kwadjo is very serious with his books. He always does his assignments on time to the chagrin of his mates. He ‘appears’ to be the voice of reason on Campus. However, he is a sly and ruthless character, or so it seems. Many of his mates think of him as dull and colourless. He has a very small wardrobe and has been found to wear a shirt for a whole week.

A patriot, his supreme ambition is to practice his medicine in Ghana upon qualification. Will he ever compromise his stance not to travel for greener pastures? His credo: “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

5. bro. peter (Actor- Richard Avagah)
With a senior presbyter for a father and a Women’s Fellowship leader for a mother, his conversion to ‘charismatic’ Christianity in first year was a logical progression. His ascension to leading the ‘Chrifes’ with the graduation of Nawela and Kwadjo Amponsah off campus presents him with challenges he did not anticipate. He is determined to hold the SU together, in the face of diminishing morality. He is a philosophy major, with political aspirations. Can he balance his religious and political ambitions? 

6. timothy dzeble
(Actor-Benjamin Kwadey)
A freshman who reads sociology, geography and psychology. He is the brother of Jonathan Dzeble, the nerd, and also exhibits his own unique brand of madness. His room mate is Godfred Ayengo, the mature student.

Timothy plays the guitar and always carries it. He believes himself an excellent orator, and often quotes a lot from the Afro-American and Rastafarian fraternity. He sounds nationalistic and has confidence in the African.

He is weird and has a funny mien. (Always has an afro comb sticking out of his hair) He is quite self-conceited, and difficult to live with. Timothy and Ayengo are constantly at odds with each other.

7. mr. godfred ayengo
(Actor- Nii Saka Brown)
(35-45) is a former cashier at a bank who in his quest to gain promotion and increased pay has come back to school to study economics. He believes Carte blanch respect is due him because of his advanced age and the fact that he is a father of 6, with his eldest, now about to enter the Junior Secondary School. Apart from increment in pay, his ulterior motive for being on campus is to escape the harassed life he leads at home and to give him a chance to exploit his philandering tendencies. At lectures, he is the supreme sycophant. What he fears most, is the periodic visits of his wife to campus. The younger students make fun of him, since he always tries to be part of the ‘gang’. He is full of dirty tricks. He pretends to empathise with the Lecturers in their presence, but behind their backs, and amongst the other students, he ridicules them.

8. mrs ayengo
(Actor- Marian Akuffo Lartey Ameyaw)
An entrepreneur, she is the backbone of her family. Forced to abandon school as a result of teenage pregnancy she has worked to support Godfred through school, feeling obliged because he preserved her honour by marrying her rather than rejecting her pregnancy, inspite of his parent’s opposition. She has won their respect now, and has set about to reassert her self by pursuing her own ambitions for higher education.

9. nicholas blanskon (Actor-Jane Heidi Aklamanu)
A 3rd year pharmacy student, she is the treasurer of the Scripture Union on campus and tries to win lost souls for Christ (introduces herself as “God’s ambassador on campus”). She is secretly in love with the S.U leader KOJO AMPONSAH. She is the product of single parenting, her father having died at an early age. She does not believe in her mother’s lifestyle and business dealings. Nichola’s aversion to her mother’s trade and the subsequent guilty complex has led her to be deeply religious with the single motive to cleanse the world of sins. Thus, she is offended by ‘sin’, and can be a very irritating person.

When at home she tries to engage her mother in prayer sessions and has turned her mother’s mansion into a refuge for lost souls. She always refuses money from her mother and leads a Spartan life. KOJO AMPONSAH is her Achilles heel however; in his presence, her strong Christian resolve is always under threat, since the temptation to seduce him is strong. Thus, she goes to the edge now and then, albeit in subtle ways.


10. dr. sylvester aggrey (Actor-   Albert Jackson-Davis)
Recently returned from the United Kingdom, where he lived for fifteen years. Having earned a doctorate, he had been earning some serious pounds with an international conglomerate, when he decided it was time to come home and give his quota to his motherland.

Sylvester, returned from the developed world determined to impart positive values/sentiments towards helping to change the system for the better. How does his philosophy that ‘some must sacrifice, for all to gain” fare against the inertia in the system ( wrong attitudes, inadequate structures, lack of facilities etc ); and a wife who constantly harasses him about the ‘wrong move’ - to have left all the ‘goodies’ of the West behind, to come to Ghana, and endure the ‘pain’. They have an eight year old daughter, Teki.

11. mrs. emefa aggrey (Actor- Elizabeth Olympio)
Daughter of a diplomat couple, she grew up outside the country, is more comfortable abroad. She is more conversant with the nuclear family, and has problems with the extended family system.

Happy only when things are going well, starts complaining bitterly the moment the slightest thing goes wrong. Behind the patina of hardness however, Emefa is a loving wife, and is fiercely loyal to Sylvester, though simultaneously his strongest critic. When she is convinced about something, nothing can move her.

12. mr. okpoti aryee
(Actor- Kojo Dadson)
An old hand, 25yrs with the University. An artist, he appreciates the contours of the female species which leaves observers guessing his intentions. His passion and mode of teaching his subject (African Theatre) is not shared by all his students and colleagues. He is highly sociable and prone to certain eccentricities.- speech, dress style, eating and drinking habits.

A traditionalist, he is well steeped in local lore, norms and values, and expects all around him to condone to his beliefs. Also, he is highly superstitious.

13. mrs. dzifa aryee aka mrs okpoti (Actor- Dzifa Glikpoe)
A retired teacher, she is health conscious and imposes strict dietary discipline on her gluttonous husband who does not heed her advice, despite his genetic high blood pressure.

The couple have displayed mutual respect for each other, and this woman’s strong character has helped to redeem her husband from embarrassing circumstances. They dote on their only child, Tsotsoo, yet occasionally clash on ideas about upbringing. She has a conservative fashion sense, with a modern outlook on youth and relationships. 

14. ms. betty brew
(Actor- Afia Adum-Atta)
A 35 year old spinster, who does not suffer fools easily. She is a stickler for time and protocol.  She is fiercely independent, and has only scorn for women who are overly dependent on men.

Objective to a fault, peers dread being on the opposite side of an argument. She is Tom Boyish, can be seen drinking beer and talking politics with the guys in the lecturers common room.

She is so serious-looking, people wonder if she has a love-life at all. She keeps dogs and loves classical music. She is a very conscientious individual, who commands a mixture of respect and fear from both her peers and students.

15. nii noi kotey (Actor- Ekow Blankson)
He is a lecturer at the statistics department, a good dresser, and a gentleman. He is well vested in world politics and quite the epitome of a modern lecturer – strives to use modern techniques. 

A bachelor, with his long-term relationship ever at the edge due to occasional flings with off- campus ladies, his integrity has survived the amorous advances of beautiful female students (Khadija. Sharon etc).

Nii gets on well with all the other lecturers except Professor Tetteh (his former lecturer, now a colleague) who constantly harasses him at the least opportunity, and is currently ‘sitting’ on his doctorate degree.

Opting to teach despite lucrative offers from the corporate world, will he remain committed to his conviction that it only takes youthful lecturers to revive the system or will he succumb to economic pressure and a corrupted and frustrating system.

16. prof. abednego ashong tetteh Actor- Johnny Akpakli)
On contract at the moment, the old Prof. typifies the dinosaurs who exist on university campuses worldwide. The oldest lecturer in the department of statistics, he has no respect for the views or innovations of young lecturers like Nii Noi. His relationship with students is no better.
He is an arrogant snub who defecates on everybody and anybody who comes into contact with him. He is a very repugnant and abominable character who must be avoided by all! When punctured however, he can be wildly defensive.
Authoritative yet shallow, he is prone to capturing all the resources of the faculty into his bosom eg. keys, resource materials, information etc. 

17. dr. nii adzei ephson
(Actor- Nii Addokwei Moffat)
A fatherly figure, full of wisdom, prim and proper. Although a disciplinarian, he is admired by all. He carries himself with dignity and is an icon on Campus. Some have even said he could stand for President one day.
•    SHARON JONES – ( Student )

A sassy femme fatale, hated by the girls, loved by the boys. She belongs to no one, but herself.