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Sunshine Avenue


Imagine an avenue in an upmarket neighbourhood in an African city.

Sunshine Avenue is a place of commerce, hospitality, community interaction and all manner of shenanigans.

A satirical drama, it mimics real life – filled with comedy, twists, suspense and fun galore.


Abiba, the container/corner shop owner, through diligence and the support of her bank has expanded and moved her shop to Sunshine Avenue. Her weakness is the athletic Yoofi, her partner.
Her friends, Mama Shee and Grace have grown with her, moving up the socioeconomic ladder.

Auntie Grace has suffered an ordeal of neglect at the hands of Kofi Simpson, her skirt-chasing husband. Now the tables have turned – Ever since Grace started her private Salsa lessons with the handsome Pedro.

Mama Shee, the attractive Madame of the Shee Beauty Spa is also featured. She now has a bigger saloon but is still unlucky with men. Yet, she still has a rambunctious zest for life.

Osofo Joseph – The lord indeed moves in mysterious ways. Joseph Josephus, alias Osofo Joseph, who use to be a con man pastor has turned a new leaf and now has a church “The Tabernacle of Confessions” where he specializes in counselling and receiving confessions.

The Umoja Apartment Complex -  Umoja is a place of beauty, brains, gossip and all manner of mischiefs. It is a place you will find Chantalle, the prima donna with an IQ of 130. You will also find Ewurama of whom there is all manner of gossip – it is whispered that she has certain exotic proclivities. Then, there is chic, classy and likeable Isabelle, a burgeoning songstress. Indeed, all the types are found in Umoja.

For more infos go to the Sunshine Avenue Website.